A group fitness class with the participants facing four people on the stage.

I built (another) app

Years ago I built my first iOS app which helped group fitness instructors manage their music and made it easier to play in class. It turned out to be used by a lot more people than I expected. After writing a couple of other less-successful apps I decided I wanted to update the original music app to add in additional features and use more modern design and development practices.

It’s called Press Play and Go 2 and if you follow that link it will display the site for the app. The About page on there gives more information about me as well as links to posts where I write about the reasons for decisions made during development. Those who also write software may find some of the knowledge useful.

I built the original app using Objective-C back in 2010. In 2017 I started learning Swift as I began writing the new one using UIKit. It was 2020 when we all had a lot of time at home that I decided to migrate it to SwiftUI as I felt it had reached a level of usability where it could be used for development. You also learn over time which technologies Apple are nudging you towards as their preferred option – and it’s generally a lot better for your projects not to fight against it.