A group fitness class with the participants facing four people on the stage.

I built (another) app

Years ago I built my first iOS app which helped group fitness instructors manage their music and made it easier to play in class. It turned out to be used by a lot more people than I expected. After writing a couple of other less-successful apps I decided I wanted to update the original music …

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BODYPUMP filming

Les Mills Filming

Sydney, 11th-12th October 2019 As someone who only uses the group fitness studio in a gym that means I do a lot of Les Mills classes.  And have continued to do so for a dozen years.  I like them because of the variety, the consistently high quality, and their ability to make you feel happy …

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Speeding up your Mac

My parents have a 21” iMac from 2015.  It was getting sluggish with an ever-increasing number of beachballs.  Ideally they didn’t want to buy another one and given their requirements they didn’t need to.  But the machine was becoming frustrating to use.  As their tech person (it’s their return on putting me through university) I …

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A Kitchen Renovation

As the age of my home unit ticked past 35 years it was decreed that a new kitchen should be put in place.  There were a few options available but existing finances indicated that the DIY approach was the only realistic one.  That meant a kit from three possible places: Bunnings, IKEA, or Masters.  Surprisingly …

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